Monday, May 4, 2009

Planes,Trains and...Mo-yo-y-kles.

Leighton loves airplanes. When he hears one, he screams, "aiw pane noi, ky!"
Translation: "Airplane noise in the sky".

He also loves trains and screams "too too"
Translation: "choo cho"

Not only that, but he loves motorcycles and always tells us when he hears one.
His version sounds like this: "mo-yo-y-kle"

We had a jam-packed day of fun this weekend which included a bike ride and two different parks. Usually, on any of our outdoor excursions, Leighton sees or hears a plane, train or mo-yo-y-kle. And he gets really excited. So, we thought we would finish off our big fun-filled day, with a better view of his favorite things.

But the fun doesn't happen right away...

So, they waited....
And waited....
...for this.
And this.
It was a pretty night and we had a lot of fun.
We even think Maverick kinda liked it too!


SweetPea said...

Sounds like fun. And wow a motorcycle and a plane in one shot. How lucky Leighton!

Shannon Joy said...

We had SOOO much fun!!! I love your pic of Griff!

vivianne dagny said...

i especially liked the 2nd pic. the blue, green, and orange colors are so bold.

Valerie said...

sweet pictures shanny!It was fun to see you for a bit today.

Shannon Joy said...

thanks valerie-i love lydie's new haircut and i can't wait to take some pictures of her with her little bob! of course-haaa.