Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me!!!! (Monday)

So, I don't normally do this, but today I am. "Not Me! Monday" was created by MckMama.She posts about all the things she doesn't want to admit that she did last week. And then a bunch of other blogger mommas do the same thing and link up to her site. Well, like I said,I don't normally participate due to time contraints. I mean, I work a little out of the house and ALOT in the house, in addition to my number uno job of taking care of my boy and my husband, who needs like lunch and supper and a clean house and stuff. In addition to that, I am working on becoming a famous photographer someday. And then there's just keeping my blog updated. It's a busy life! is different. This MckMama lady is doing a give-a-way today and I love free stuff so, I'm posting and linking so I can get entered to win. Duh, I'm selfish and I really would like the cool photo book thingy she is giving away. So here goes my Not Me! Monday.

*I totally did not gain 7lbs between my 15 and 20 week doctor appointment last week!

*My doctor totally did not tell me it was ok for this month but I shouldn't be gaining 7 lbs at every appointment. Nope, she certainly DID NOT tell me that!

*And because of my excessive weight gain, my maternity pants are most certainly NOT starting to get tight already!!! With 20 weeks to go!! Uh oh.....

*And to celebrate my undying devotion to eating only the healthiest of foods during my pregnancy, I DID NOT eat 1/2 of a large DQ Cookie Dough Blizzard at 10:00pm on a Saturday night.

p.s. the blizzard treat was totally Dustin and Jayme's fault because they brought it home for us

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Lindsay said...

well....i have gained a total of 15 pounds you're not alone. It's insane.....insanly rediculous!!