Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's just what we do.

More images of the flooding for those of you who are keeping up with us here. The ariel photos really capture the monstrosity of this thing. In spite of that, God is answering the prayers of this community. The river level seems to be backing off a bit. Last report I heard was it hit around 40.1ft this afternoon. City officials are cautiously optimistic. They are still advising businesses and schools to stay closed as we closely monitor these dikes. And, there is a storm on it's way that could drop around 6 inches of snow and create blizzard-like conditions. This will be a week-long process before anyone can say we are in the clear. Unfortunately, one of our wonderful school campuses and a few surrounding homes were lost to a breeched dike early this morning. But, we still trust God and we are thankful for this wonderful community we live in. Our pastor told us this morning that he recieved a call from a friend in Texas who has been watching the situation. She told him that cities across the country attempt to "manufacture" or create a sense of community in their cities. In our city, it just is. It isn't something we have to create. People just take care of each other. Just because it's what we do up here.

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