Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday and then some...

I promised you a LONG time ago that I would put a belly picture on this little bloggity blog of mine. So here you go: But wait... it's not what you think. It's not the same belly. It is the same girl. But, it's NOT the same hair and most certainly NOT the same weight! So, this is a bit of a flashback friday/belly post/baby update all tied into a neat little bow, which I like to call my blog.

In this first picture, we have me in Feb. of 2007. Glowing. At 20 weeks. With Leighton in my belly. My hair was longer and I had not put on nearly AS MUCH weight as I have in the current pregnancy. See..from the front, you can't even tell I'm pregnant.

Ohhhh, but wait, she turns and there it is. That cute little, barely noticeable 20 week baby bulge. But dear heavenly father of mine....what was going on with my hair/bangs when I tured sideways!!! Now that's embarrassing!

And here below is the current baby belly. It's HUGE compared to the first one. those photos! Is that not ridiculous! At my appointment this week...even though I have gained 7lbs in 5 weeks(gasp) and I'm showing WAAAY more, when the doctor measured my belly (from belly button down to pubic bone) I measured at 18 weeks, so a little small. Luckily though my awesome husband reminded me that it's probably because I am short..oh AND they didn't measure me from my hips around to my belly. Thanks honey, thanks for pointing that out!

And here we have my first little uterus dweller, Leigthon, chillin out in his bat cave. Pretty cute. And without further adue, this is Leightons new baby brother or sister!

We opted not to find out the baby's sex again just because we think it 's so much fun to anticipate what baby will be. Baby was very healthy and got an A+ on all the organs, sizes, ect. Baby is about 10 oz and the length of a banana this week. I am feeling tons and tons of commotion in there so that is pretty fun. Derrick has even felt the little one from time to time! We were a little disappointed that our ultrasound got cut short right before we were able to get some of the amazing 4-D pics. We did get one but it was a bad view so you couldn't make out a whole lot. Overall though, it was really fun to see the little babe. If you compare Leighton's ultrasound (on top) and this baby, I think that they look a lot alike but also have some different features. You can see baby#2 has a more pronounced forehead and the lips/mouth area is a little different. I just can't wait to see what it all means!


HOME...the most important place on earth said...

I am SUPER excited for you guys! How fun! I was bigger with each baby..the weird thing is though...even with Seth they told me I measured small. (I was beginning to wonder if my Dr. was just being nice!) Seriously...I felt like a whale with him!! :)

Shannon Joy said...

Yeah, it was pretty fun. I just wish we could have had more time for the 4-D pics but oh well. Baby is healthy and that's all that matters. I am totally with you in feeling like a whale! And it's only gonna get worse from here!!haaa.

vivianne dagny said...

looks like another boy.

Lindsay said...

Yay for healthy baby!! And you're not alone - I felt huge starting at 12 weeks...and I am SO much bigger than the other two. Oh well, it's for a good cause. :-)