Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Fight Continues

Remember when I said that the river was at 38.5 feet yesterday and it was expected to rise to 41? Well, not so much the case anymore......The National Weather Service issued new predictions late Thursday afternoon that the river will crest between 41-42 feet, with a potential to go to 43 feet. Sadly, we had just finished "buttoning" up our dikes to 42 feet to be prepared for 41 foot crest. It was a difficult blow for the whole community. So......what does that mean? It means we are back to work making more sandbags. People are working around the clock.
My friend, Heather and I, wanted desperately to help so we tried to get food supplies over to the Fieldhouse across the river. It was horrific traffic out there and we really should not have been out but people needed food. It was the most erie feeling to drive over the river and see the actual level. It is mind-boggling. And it was still several feet below the new expected crest. The pictures above were taken a day or so before yesterday when it was around 37 feet.
As of this morning, the situation has become very serious. Evacuations have started taking place all over the city as of last night and this morning. The city officials have closed many roads in town to keep the main roads clear for the continued sandbagging efforts. Literally thousands and thousands of families are still fighting to save their homes. The current river level is 40.5 feet.
In our part of town, it looks like the diversion is going to save us. We are feeling fortunate for that but heartbroken for those in other parts of town who are facing this flood right in their backyards. Currently, there is a lot of confusion out there. Both Derrick and I are planning to help today. I am supposed to report to Sandbag Central at 11am today. I'm just not sure if they will be allowing traffic up in that area. They actually have military out patrolling the roads for any people who are not supposed to be out. I will find out more about how we can still help when I get through the hotline. Please keep praying with us for this entire city.
*For anyone who reads this blog who is at risk of being dispalced from this flood, our home is open to take in some families this weekend. Please post a comment here if you need a place to stay with some warm food and a bed. I will get our address to you from there. God is our constant refuge and always will be.

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