Friday, January 16, 2009

Flashback Friday and 18 months old

Leighton turned 18 months this week. I can hardly believe my eyes when I look at the pictures of him as a newborn. He has grown into such a wonderful little boy. His temperament is just delightful. I think he will always be my "easy" child. Unless the Lord blesses us yet again with another little laid back bundle of joy. Although...we are bracing for the opposite just in case. In fact, Derrick and I both had colic as babies so I think both our parents are secretly hoping for a little payback. But...I digress.

Back to Leighton. 18 months old. How soon will I be making a post about him being 18 years old! I shutter at the thought. For now, he stays my little boy, nestled on my lap, just where I like him. And if he's in my lap, we are usually reading books. He is in love with reading books and playing with my hair. He loves shooting hoops with his dad. He recently retired his slam dunk and has moved into a higher degree of difficulty, the 2 foot jump shot. He makes most of them and seems to be good with his left hand. He also continues to have his love/hate relationship with Maverick. One moment he is snuggling on him and the next moment he is screaming at him for stealing a toy. Every once in a while he will hit him or bite him-if mommy isn't looking of course! His favorite animal noises are : the elephant, the wolf, and the monkey. He is one busy boy running around our house getting into whatever adventure he can come up with. As I posted earlier, he also got his first potty and we are very, very slowly working on that. He still tells me when he poops so I ask him if he wants to go use the potty and he always says, "nope". Although he has sat down on it a few times, he mostly likes to use it for a step-stool.

In honor of our little boy turning 18 months old this week, I would like to re-post this adorable little video from about a year ago. Enjoy.


HOME...the most important place on earth said...

Shannon...that is soooo sweet! I love the uncontrolled laughter of babies! I had to smile when you mentioned Leighton liking to snuggle and play with your hair...Seth is a lover of hair as well. I don't understand it and to be honest I pray he outgrows it....he is normally gentle with hair...but not always! :) Have a great weekend!

Shannon Joy said...

Yeah...normally it is relaxing whne he plays with it but now he started a hair twist maneuver that really hurts!! yikes!