Friday, December 12, 2008

When it blizzards.

You know the old saying, "when it rains, it pours". Well, in our case, in our part of the country, that is not the case. Apparently, it goes, "when it rains.... it blizzards". We were planning to leave here on Sunday for Mayo Clinic. And then mother nature decided to get in on things. The weather service is calling for a terrific blizzard dropping 8-10 inches of snow, 40 mile an hour winds and 40 below windchills, all starting on Saturday evening and lasting until Monday morning. Luckily, we know how to outsmart mother nature and will be leaving a day early to beat the storm. Unlucky for us however, we have to be apart from our little peanut for one more day than we wanted to. Actually, for five more days than we wanted to. We will probably take it harder than he will. He will be busy being spoilied by his Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Jason. And that's perfectly OK with this momma. Well, it's off to continue preparing for all the last minute details of this trip. I will be taking the laptop along and updating the blog frequently.
We continue to ask for your prayers: Safe travel. Healing to Derrick's eyes. Leighton.No need for surgery.A safe/successful surgery. Healing. Safe travel home. Peace.

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Mama Misty said...

Hey Shannon,

You can count on my prayers for all of you!

Mayo can be a scary-big place, but remember D will get the BEST care there!
Praising God for the answered prayers already, and asking for safe road travels, a "not too spoiled" Leighton when you return, and good results from whatever has to happen while you're in Rochester!!