Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Magic of Christmas

We had an absolutely wonderful and magical Christmas this year. Really, they are every year but for some reason this one was so much fun. We spent Christmas Eve Day and night at my parents home located on their "winter wonderland". Leighton and Maverick both love going out there. Maverick loves running around outside all day and Leighton loves going to all the windows and doors, yelling "deer" and looking for them. That really makes Uncle Jason and Grandpa quite proud. This time, they taught him that the ones with the antlers are called "bucks". So, now when he sees a buck he says "buck deer". My older brother, Aaron, had a special "show" in store for us later in the evening after presents and that really added a special magic to Christmas this year. We ended the evening with our traditional Oyster Stew. Even though I hate oysters and usually only eat the milk, butter and oyster crackers, this is one of my favorite traditions at our home. I captured some great memories with my camera and am having a hard time narrowing them down. So, here are the first set that I am blogging. There will be more to come.

The stalkings were hung by the chimney with glee.

Our version of perfect.
Kisses from daddy on Christmas morning.

Leighton's favorite toy of the day, found in his stalking. A cell phone. Go figure.
My most-best friend/double-cousin, Cassie and her beautiful little family.
Kisses from Grandma and Grandpa. Or, in Leighton's language, "Baka and Baka".
My sweet little "T" stopping for just a second for a quick snapshot.
These are the older kids now.
Just a few deer running through "Whitetail Acres", a.k.a, my parents yard.
Cute little Ryker, checking out my camera. Who could resist those chubby cheeks and baby blues? Oh, and he happened to be positioned in front of a Christmas tree for just the perfect pose.
More to come. My next post about our Christmas adventure will include explosives! Stay tuned.......

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