Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Baby Maker

I just had to post this video because it is about our new baby. Sort of. It's from a Christian speaker, Louie Giglio, who discusses the amazing topic of the miracle of God's creation from the womb. He also talks a little about the optic nerves and Derrick and I have been thinking about optic nerves A LOT lately. If you have a few moments...or 9 minutes....check it out.It just continues to baffle me how HE creates the miracle of life and then sustains it for us.By the way, our little one is now the size of a grape. Grapes are so cute.


Three Peas said...

Congratulations on your upcoming addition! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas:)

Lyz said...

Congratulations! My favorite part of this post..."Grapes are so cute." You are such a mom!