Saturday, November 29, 2008

To Grandmother's House We Go....

Last weekend, we visited my family at their little "cabin in the woods" so to speak. Leighton...and Maverick....and Grandpa all had a blast watching the deer walk through their yard all weekend. Here we have grandpa, Leighton, Maverick and Jak-ey (according to Leighton) doing the usual-scouting the deer.
Below we have one of my mother's cooking masterpieces. These little balls are called Potato Klub (pronounced like boob, but with a kl at the beginning). They are a family favorite and are fantastic. It's one of those old recipes that makes you feel right at home.
Cassie and I used to be known as the "little girls" and now these two have taken our title and are the "little boys".....for now.
My sweet pumpernickle, pumkin pie.
Check out these deep, dark eyes. This is my favorite picture from the weekend. We love you, little Sergio!

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