Saturday, November 1, 2008

Project Question Mark Revealed

Earlier this week, I told you about a little project. Click here to see my husband's family working diligently on Project Question Mark. They cut, they stitched, they sewed, and they punched holes. I am worthless with a needle and thread so I just smiled and nodded, acting like I understood what was going on.

I am very excited that I can now share Project Question Mark! I don't know about you, but I have been anxiously awaiting this all week! Please enjoy the Halloween Happiness through the view of my lens.

Meet my little cowboy cutie.
Project Question Mark provided these adorable chaps. Who woulda thought an old pair of courderoy pants could be so useful? And, I love this belt buckle that Grandpa Darrel found for us in his attic. Also, notice the real deal Wrangler cowboy shirt. Grandma and I found this at a thrift store along with the courteroy pants.

And because every cowboy needs a horse....Grandma also made us a saddle.

I think both of them make this hat look pretty darn good.

Cowboy cutie's cousins.

Cousin T playing with Cowboy Cutie's hat. Which begs the question... If a duck wore a cowboy hat, would we call her a cow-duck?
Good night and stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Shannon, Leighton is so cute in his cowboy costume!!! You all did a great job making his costume! I bet he had so much fun getting candy with his cousins!! Can't wait to see you three next weekend!

Valerie said...

Great pics once again. I"ll have to get the one of my 3 since I didn't get a good one of them. Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

What a cute little cowboy and handsome horse. What are we going to make next year??????

Grandma Laurie and Grandpa Darrel