Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Sweet Little Sixteen

Sixteen months old that is. My darling little boy turned 16 months old today. Here are just a few reasons having a 16 month old is sooo much fun:

* Leighton is madly in love with kitties. Grandma and Grandpa have 2 "kit-tes" and Leighton loves to get down on his belly right in their face and say "Hi-ey" "Hi-ey" "Hi-ey". It's darn cute.
* He continues to spend about 33.33% of his time living the large Tupperware drawer. It works for sorting, stacking, standing in, using as a stool to empty out the drawers above it, and of course little mini-naps.
* Leighton's vocabulary continues to expand daily. He has now entered the realm of three syllable words. His latest is "ap i cot" for apricot. He loves to eat them and opens our lazy susan yelling "ap i cot", "ap i cot". Another fun new word he just blurted out was pickle. Derrick and I both witnessed it and just looked at each other in amazement.
* His "funny" face. Hopefully I can catch that little show on video for you all.
* Our neighbors gave us a neat little basketball hoop for in the house and he really dominates that thing. Daddy is really proud that he can make baskets with both his right and left hands. Like father, like son.
* He loves to help me vacuum! Chores are so much easier when you have a little buddy to help you out.
* And our two new favorite things that Leighton does is he walks around in circles clapping his hands together like he is bored. (I may need to get a video of that one for that to make sense).
And he has just started this thing where he will be walking around and he will all of the sudden bend over a little and crouch down like he looking for something or tyring to be quite. Again-it's so darn cute!

Happy Sweet Sixteen (months) little buddy. You are my very favorite thing about this great big world. I love you very, very much! ( I'm sure if you were awake right now, you would respond back to me by saying "i ya you".) Sweet dreams, my little sweet pickle.

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Anonymous said...

It is so much fun watching Leighton grow. Every minute we spend with him fills us with so much joy and happiness. His funny face, when he says I don't know, when you ask him something he shakes his head and says no no,the me-oow,the puppy when he pants like one, his soft roarrr of a bear, when you ask him to pray he folds his hands and then says Amen is so memorable and precious. Oh what a blessing. You don't know how we long to share time with all of you. We love you all so much. Grandpa D & Grandma L