Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Marshmallow Medicine

The other night Leighton woke up at midnight crying and coughing. His cold had gotten worse and his cough was really junky. So, I went into high gear trying to make him comfortable, calm him down and get him back to sleep. I was trying everything. I turned up the humidifier, I bounced him, I walked around, I cuddled him, shhhed him, sang to him, you name it. I then took him upstairs to see if daddy had any great ideas. Luckily, he did.

Derrick thought it might be time to pull out the nebulizer and give him a neb treatment to clear out his lungs. So, we did that. And Leighton freaked out even worse because the machine is noisy and it was spewing cold, wet moisture into his face. He screamed through that process which wasn't fun. So, we went back to walking him around. Nothing would settle him down. It was 2am by this time. We were really tired and out of ideas. And then, the answer appeared out of nowhere.

Actually, it wasn't out of nowhere, it was sitting on my kitchen counter and Leighton pointed it out to me, making his "i want it" grunt noise thing. He was pointing at a big red bag of sugar laden cereal, known as Marshmallow Matey's (generic Lucky Charms).Really? Are you kidding me? The solution to this problem is Marshmallow Mateys? After all that pain and agony, this was it. Wow. Wow.

So, like any amazing mother would do at 2 in the morning...I poured him a bowl of Marshmallow Matey's, plopped him into bed between Derrick and I, and the three of us proceeded to eat Leighon's magical medicine and made funny faces at each other.


Anonymous said... have such a wonderful family! What a sweet story.

Shannon Joy said...

Thanks, Sarah. It really did end up to be a pretty sweet moment-even at 2am when we were REALLY tired!