Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lovin on my momma

I took this picture of my BFF's sweet baby boy- only 7 weeks old. I love how his eyes sparkle in this shot. And you gotta love those pouty lips..... There's just something about little boys and their mommas!


Rebecca said...

Hi Shannon! I saw your comment on the mamarazzi blog. You don't need to become a contributor (we already have the maximum number of contributors that we can have) but you can be part of the theme by selecting "join the theme" from the themes drop-down. Basically, you'll just be posting your picture on this blog instead of on the mamarazzi one, and we'll be linking to it. For example. If you wanted to join the joy theme, you would post a picture relating to the theme on on your blog. Then you'd leave a comment with your name & blog address under "join the theme", letting us know you've participated. At the end of the theme, we'll be posting links to everyone's blog that joined (for instance, Shannon Joy at Sweet Little Thing). That way, everyone who visits our blog can click on the link and visit your blog, to see your "joy" picture. Does that help?

If you have any more questions, you can drop me an email at :) You are a wonderful photographer - I was just scrolling through and you have an adorable little boy!! :)

Laura said...

Hey Shannon--I was just coming to answer your questions too. I see R already did. I left you a comment on my blog as well.

I'm excited that you are going to join along. I love this pic that you took of your BFF's baby! too precious!!!!!!

And oh goodness am I so happy for Valerie and fam! T is just tooooooo cute! Her eyes get me everytime! :)

I look forward to seeing more of your pics! :)

Laura said...

ok, i had to come back to say that i just saw the post of you guys meeting T for the first time. the pics are going to make me cry! seriously. i love adoption and first meetings. i love how wonderful God has been with their adoption journey...even when it wasn't all making sense. we now see the face of the precious child He had chosen for their family. she is so beautiful!

Shannon Joy said...

Thanks Rebecca and Laura for your helpful comments. I think I have the theme thing figured out. I have a few "joy" pics in mind already but will probably take more before I post them on my blog. I'm happy to be a part of the group!