Monday, October 27, 2008

Choose life.

Please take a moment to watch this video.

There are a lot of issues out there to consider during this upcoming election. The economy, the war, heathcare, the underprivledged, abortion. Is abortion really just another one of the issues? Check out this interesting video to hear it from an abortion SURVIVOR!!!


Anonymous said...

Abortion is not a scientific or theoalogical question. Its GODS CREATION of LIFE. Who are we to play god. Obama is willing to let his daughters to decide the choice to kill his grandchildren. Not a very loving grandfather.
Gianna is Gods miracle and prove of His potential for the gift of life. Oh what shame, guilt, and disgrace this country bears for the killing of 50,000,000 babies. She is prove that we have alot of work to do for Him and what we can accomplish if we live and work for Him. God have mercy on us and send your spirit to open the eyes of your people to see that life is your choice and not ours. No matter the situation. Where is our FAITH and LOVE for our CREATOR? Life is PRECIOUS. Don't we value of our own life. Why are we not valuing the gift of the most weak and vunerable. Life is given at conception. How can people say differently. Yes God gives us a choice. There is only ONE. Darrel

Shannon Joy said...

Thank you for your bold words, Darrel. The world needs more like you-many more! We need to stand up for this voiceless group of innocent children. 50,000,000 abortions is a shame! The choice next week is clear. One stands for life. One stands for choice/abortion/death. They are three different words, with the same end result. There are 50,000,000 who have died in the name of "choice". Now go to the polls and choose LIFE.

Mama Misty said...

Thanks for sharing these links, Shannon. South Dakota has an initiative on the ballot next week that would stop all abortions in the state with exceptions of life/health of the mother or in cases of rape or incest. According to some polls, that would eliminate I believe 96% of all abortions here in SD!!! Gov. Palin was in Iowa last week and mentioned her support of this bill, and hopes it goes into effect. SD could lead the nation with this type of law...but of course there's been no national spotlight on this issue.
Being an person that has struggled with infertility in my past, and now a foster parent to some 40 plus children I just have to say that there is no "mistake" about a child. Each child is a gift from God!!! How can anyone look at a tiny little baby and say that child is a mistake? I had one pro-choice person tell me that she would rather "go get it taken care of" so she could move on and forget it ever happened because she wasn't cut out to be a mother. I asked about adoption. She said it would bother her more to know that her child was "out there" somewhere running around and she wouldn't know it. She would rather it be done and over with.

It makes my heart just sick.

Shannon Joy said...

That is awesome to hear what SD is trying to do! I pray that they will be successful. Thank you for your comments. I, too, am baffled and sickened that this is even an "issue".

Anonymous said...

Very powerful! Brings tears to my eyes and a challenge to my heart! Thank you for sharing this!!

Anonymous said...

Go, Obama.

Pro-choice does not equal pro-abortion.