Thursday, October 9, 2008


It's my big brother Jason's Birthday today. Even though he and my oldest brother tied me to a baseball diamond fence when I was 6 (see this post), I still LOVE him to bits and pieces. He's such a great guy and he's a guy with strong passion and conviction. Really- you DO NOT want to debate with this guy. He is fierce. Trust me, there is another post coming to explain more on that. Mostly tonight, I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY J.P.- I LOVE YOU!

And now for the bitter part. My cousin CJ, who is just a few years younger than me,only in her mid-20's, was just diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer. We haven't seen each other in years. She lives on the other side of the country. I saw her mom, my auntie, this summer and got to talk with CJ over the phone. My heart is broken for her right now. I don't understand this. We just need to pray for her. Please pray. Just pray.


Anonymous said...

Shannon, my mom told me about CJ tonight! I can't believe it, she is way too young!!!! My prayers will be with her!

Sarah K said...

Cancer Sucks!!! I am very sorry to hear about CJ.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Shanny.... Thanks for the mention, I am flattered that I made it to your blog. lol..... Hope you guys are having a great week so far, I am feeling a lot better now and am ready for some hunting! Love ya

Your Bro!