Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How's Your World?

I wanted to finish posting about our weekend and then I got sick. It was a terrible, fluish thing. Hit by a truck, foggy headed, down for the count sort of thing. It was off and on until today.I am finally feeling a little bit normal now. Leighton got it just slightly on Monday evening. It started about 5pm, he puked, cuddled with mommy and was back to his normal self by 5:30pm. Amen to that.

Anyway, back to my post. We were at my parents for the Labor Day Weekend. We had a great time with my parents and my brother and his family. My previous post included pictures from our little fishing trip which was pretty fun. We also made a trip to town to do some shopping which included fun toys for the kids. My brother, Aaron, put on a dandy fireworks show for us. He came in the house like Santa Clause with his bag chock full of fireworks. The funny thing was, this was just a warm-up to the big fireworks event which will happen at Christmas! Anyone from mom and dad's hometown reading this may want to stop by or look out your windows for the big showcase. We did a lot of relaxing and eating as normal, always a perk for those looking to put on a few extra pounds. I got to spend some time practicing for my new found hobby of photography. Overall, it was a nice weekend- minus the little bug we got. Below are a few of my favorite photos:

For any of my friends who didn't believe me- my dad really did start his own little cattle ranch. Complete with the four beautiful black cows you see here, a watering thing and an electric fence to boot! Leighton had fun making his special cow sound at them. Which, by the way, isn't the typical "moo" that most kids do. His daddy taught him to moo like a cow giving birth-it's more like a wail but it works and it's so darn cute!

I caught my nephew Jonah perfecting his game of ladder golf. Uncle Derrick and Jonah played some pretty intense games throughout the weekend.

My little punky checking out the sunrise and gravel with me.

My lovely niece, Lydia was kind enough to be a professional model for me for a few minutes. I really love her smile and the flower bed behind her. My favorite Lyida quote of the weekend came when she was sitting on Grandma's lap. She said, "Grandma, you and my other grandma always take me shopping buy me lots of toys and clothes. But you know what, Grandma, my aunties, never buy me anything....." Jessie, I guess you and I need to get on the ball. Haaaa.

Grandpa Steve and Leighton walking out to the pasture to check on the cows. Jake's butt is in the background here, for an added bonus.

**Regarding the title of my post- someone asked me that question today and I thought it was really a nice question. It made me smile.

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