Saturday, August 9, 2008

Success is..

Husband needs a new bag of Caribou Coffee.

Generous wife offers to go pick it up for him- sans child and hubby. (let me hear a whoop whoop for some much needed mommy alone time)

Extremely generous hubby tells generous wife to take her time and do some fun shopping while she is out and about. (wife is sprinting out the door dreaming of some good clearance racks)

Wife happily drives here to check out the sales.

Wife scores 5 awesomely versatile tops which will work for her job and her fun life. ALL ON MAJOR CLEARANCE!!!

Store clerk rings up total.

Thrilled wife sees something peeking out of the corner of her wallet as she grabs for her credit card.

Stop it- it's a gift card!!!!

Store clerk rings up the amount on the gift card.

Ecstatic wife pays a total of $1.27 for her 5 awesomely versatile tops!!!!

On the way home, wife picks up coffee through the drive-thru and enjoys the rest of her alone time basking in the sweet, sweet aroma of Caribou Coffee and blended knits.

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