Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My New Words

It is so amazing how fast things can change. My sweet little bundle of love is becoming such a big boy. It seems like just yesterday I was wrapping him up little a little burrito baby, swaddling him, cuddling him and listening to him coo. Now he is talking! I caught his two newest words on video yesterday. He can now say: Da da, momma (he only says that when he wants me), uh-oh, baa (sheep sound), mowaaa (cow giving birth sound), ball, papa and bye. He is soooo proud of himself that he can say these words. We are currently working on duck and quack. Check out his great pronunciation of bye in the video!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you need to let everyone know who taught him "ball", it was his best uncle! Hey, did you take any pics of me and him when I was there?????