Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Butt Hurts!!

Just another routine haircut for Maverick- or so I thought! I knew something was wrong the second I took him out of the pet groomers room and into the pet store. He couldn't stop rubbing his butt on the floor. I was quite embarrassed by his incessent butt rubbing and thrusting on the floor of the pet store. And then I took a look back there-at what was going on.....yowza-that dogs butt was a sight for sore eyes! Apparently, the dog groomer thought it would be wise to "clean up the area" and shave his butt area completely to the skin. For what might I ask- better aim? Whatever her rationale was, it did not help. It caused Maverick to spiral into a non-stop licking frenzy of his bunghole! He licked away all the hair and started causing what the vet would call a "hot spot". Eventually, when they lick on the spot enough, it becomes an open sore and even bleeds. Maverick's bunghole didn't quite get to that level-thank god! Luckily, we saved his old E-collar from when he was neutered and used that over the weekend, along with some of his old "hot spot" cream. That was helping until we ran out of cream. Then, Grandma and Grandpa, (who were scheduled to babysit Maverick for us for a few weeks) were kind enough to take him to the vet on their way out of town. He got some new butt cream and a new cone for his head, to prevent him from getting back there. Below are some pictures, provided by Grandma and Grandpa, to show Maverick's latest, greatest butt contraptions.
Here we see Maverick modeling his new E-collar that the vet thought would work better than his old one- it didn't!
In this pose, Maverick is wearing one of his dad's old t-shirts as a diaper to prevent licking.

In this final shot, we see Maverick wearing his new t-shirt diaper and his old E-collar. Although it is not the most "fashion-forward" for such a beautiful dog as Maverick, his new get-up turns out to be just the right combination.


Visit to the vet at "urgent care" rate: $88

New e-collar which will supposedly work better than old e-caller, prescribed by "urgent med" doctor: $30

Old t-shirt fashioned into a diaper with Grandma and Grandpa's creative thinking: Priceless

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