Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sounds good to me

We celebrated my 27th birthday today! I just love my birthday! But really, who doesn't right? I know some people get all depressed because they are getting older and stuff, but I just don't see it that way. Yeah, 27 is getting up there. I mean, I'm the baby of the family and the upper 20's seems more like the ages of my big brothers. Now it's me in my upper twenties, and I'm cool with it. I don't see the day as just getting older, I see it as much more than that. I am reminded of the incredible year I have experienced getting to be the mommy to the cutest, sweetest, and most charming little boy there ever was. As a bonus, I get to be married to this little boy's daddy. That makes 27 sound pretty darn good to me.
Thanks for the new shirt Cassie!
We did this pic with the timer- not too bad!
Valerie and the kids made me this cake!
My favorite little munchkins.
Uncle Aaron and my boy.


cassie said...

cute glasses! glad to see you had a good birthday. you look freaking skinny too...lucky girl!!

shannonjoy said...

oh cassie-don't even talk to me about skinny! you are waaay skinnier AND taller! love you!