Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's a BOY!!!!

I'm happy to share some exciting news!!!! One of my BFF's, Chrissy, FINALLY (i'll explain below) gave birth! Perfect little Riley Drew was born yesterday morning and weighed in a healthy 7lbs 5 oz. Click here to see this scrumptiously, kissable, hugable, snuggly baby boy:

Let's get to the FINALLY part now. Now, first, let me tell you about my dear BFF Chrissy. This girl is one tough cookie. She's a fighter, she's determined, and she's someone you don't want to mess with! Trust me- we once had a crush on the same boy in H.S. and that didn't turn out well for me! Luckily, we were still able to remain best friends even through our middle school boy crazies. Anyway, Baby Riley's due date was LAST WEEK Tuesday. That would be about June 3.
She was scheduled to be induced on June 2. We all waited patiently for the call or text last Monday. Finally, we got an email explaining the induction didn't work and they were sent home to wait until Wed of last week. Well, this isn't too unusual I suppose as I have heard this happens quite a bit. So, onto Wed, the 2nd induction. Ok, so that was going to be the day right! Well, apparently God and Riley had decided last Wed was NOT the day. So, back home they went.
When I found this out, I was so worried about how Chrissy was doing?? I talked to her on Thurs and she was FINE! Just gonna wait it out until the following Tues when her Doctor returned from a long weekend. WHAT?!!!!! She was fine?? How could she be fine?!!!! I would have been a wreck!!

Flashback: I WAS a wreck -about 3 weeks before Leighton was born....and I had no reason to be..... Well, besides the fact that I was 3cm and 90% for those last 3 weeks. And my very sweet and caring NP (who was covering for my OB who was vacationing in Paris-the nerve of that woman-ha) kept telling me I would be having him any second. And I had increasingly strong Braxton's coming and going for several weeks. But still.....lots of people, namely my S-I-L, kept reminding me that it is totally normal to be 1-3cm for many weeks. Come on, people, I didn't want to believe that! I wanted to meet my baby. My super-duper, healthy and ready to be born baby (of course). I wanted to find out if I was having a baby Gracie or a baby Leighton. I wanted to stop worrying about my water breaking at work. I didn't have the luxury of sitting in an office with a tile floor. I'm a "helper" and I do my "helping" in people's homes. Imagine that: sitting on someones beautiful sofa discussing "helper" stuff and to all of the sudden hear, "dribble, dribble, gush,gush,gush- uh, can i borrow a towel? i soiled your sofa"!!! Nope ladies and gents, I didn't want to be making an incident report to our compliance officer about replacing a client's sofa!!! Thank you very much. Needless to say, I was a Freakin WRECK, up until the moment she broke my water for me!!! Ahhhhhhh.

But, this isn't about me.....So, back to Chrissy and Len. They waited over the weekend and nothing happened. They went in on Tues June 10 and started a marathon labor process. I really don't know many of the details. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure if my BFF will think it's appropriate for me to be sharing those details?? What I do know and think I can share is that after about 27 hours and 2 epies, Chrissy fought through and delivered a perfectly, healthy baby boy! I tell you what, that girl has got it together!

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