Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I got this thing with my eye.....

Yeah, it hurts. My right eye. It's called Iritis. Not the best case scenario. It's an inflammation inside the eye. Kinda like arthritis of the eye. I'm dilated, too. No, not my cervix people-my pupil! My one eye looks pretty freaky thanks to those dilating eye drops. I've got a check-in
with the eye doc tomorrow. Hopefully things "look" better. If not, the next step is a SHOT- in the eye! Large needle, inserted into eyeball. Holy balls!

Other than that, life is good. Leighton is so funny! Some of his latest and greatest accomplishments are:
  • He discovered his reflection in the little round silver plate, under the spigot in the bath tub and plays peek-a-boo. That was pretty darn cute.
  • He likes to make himself fall over on his back when he is crawling.
  • Grandma Laurie taught him how to do a double wink and it is the funniest thing! (see video below)
  • He is babbling away and putting lots of syllables together "Baaaaba" ,"Ddddd" ,"Daaa" ,"Maaaaaa,Mum, Moooom","Ttttt".
  • I think those first steps are still a ways away. He pushes his little walker around really good and goes across furniture very well but he isn't quite sure about standing alone yet.
  • He is really into rearranging things. He takes his stack of diapers (on the floor next to the couch) and spreads them out on the floor. He then, very methodically, stacks them up on top of the end table (by the couch). I was amazed by that one today!

*video would not post-will try later.

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