Monday, June 9, 2008

I finally coaxed him into letting me do it do it. Honesty alert: I had NO CLUE what I was doing. Sure, I had given a few haircuts back in my glory days but let's face it, that was over 10 years ago. I opened the new haircutting set we bought and was a bit overwhelmed. I looked at the handy dandy little step by step guide for giving a haircut. And that made things worse.......

So, I decided to just dive right in and start buzzing. The buzzing part was ok. Kind of boring really. But...the part I really LOVED was cutting the top of his head with the scissor. Snip snip here, snip snip there. Derrick was holding a mirror watching my every move. There was no rhyme or reason for where or how much I was cutting. I just cut and cut and cut. Man, that boy has some thick hair!!! After about an hour, we were done. I have to admit- I really did surprise myself. This haircut turned out really nice! (ok, maybe not AS nice as when our wonderful hairstylist, Becky does it). It is a close call though. I think Derrick was even pleasantly surprised. So, here are the before and after pictures.Check it out-

Before- Derrick was nervous to say the least.
Sexy haircut-sexy husband.

Who's next? Mmmmm-ha, ha,ha!

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