Monday, May 19, 2008


It was a beautiful weekend filled with relaxation, catching up with friends from faraway and new adventures. On Friday, our good friends Curtis and Alicia stopped to visit. It was great to catch up and for them to see how big Leighton is getting. Later, one 0f my best friend's and her huband, Melissa and Brandon arrived to town for the Fargo Marathon. Brandon was running it for his first time. We had a great time visiting and catching up. They are expecting their first baby in August so it was fun to talk about being pregnant. I have to admit- I miss it a little!
On Saturday, we headed up to watch the marathon. Leighton had a great time. He waved at the runners and flirted with some of the volunteers! On Sunday, after church we headed to Maplewood State Park for a nice little nature hike. Leighton rode in a baby backpack and seemed to enjoy the hike. He fell asleep about halfway through and had a nice nap. Overall, it was a great weekend!

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