Monday, May 26, 2008

CaSandra Lynn

It's time for a celebration everyone!!! I would like you all to join me in celebrating the wonderful birth, 27 years ago, of my double-cousin/MOST BEST friend in the whole world! Here are just a few of the things I am celebrating about Cassie and our friendship today:

1. We grew up, basically connected at the hip.
2. We always got along-except for the numerous arguments about the card game "war" (come on people, we all know you do not keep your discarded cards flipped up!!!) and that one big fight in Theif River Falls. We went to Kmart with Michelle and were in the car arguing over 2 pennies. No, I'm serious- it was 2 pennies!
3. Cassie is dedicated. Let me tell you how. It went like this. Because our families were so close, we always spent every holiday together. All 6 cousins and our parents and any other relatives that could make it. No matter what, we knew Christmas and Thanksgiving would be at the Stevenson's (because we were both Stevensons). Through blizzards, tornado's and floods there was no stopping us. Until the Thanksgiving of 1995. This storm was too big. The trip from Thief River to McClusky was just too long for Cassie's family to make. Who could blame them? Well, Cassie and I could! It would be unthinkable to let this storm be the reason that Cassie and I spend our first holiday apart! So, we devised a plan. Cassie (who had never ridden on the bus and was only in the 8th grade!!!) would hop the Greyhound from Grand Forks to Leeds. From there, she would hop in the car with Great Grandma Carrie and Grandma and Grandpa Marlin and Mary. And they would bring her to McClusky to have Thanksgiving with my family. Well, the plan went off without a hitch. Until the 2nd storm blew in! Cassie made it to our Thanksgiving and back to Leeds with the Grandparents. However, storm number 2 kept her stranded in Leeds for a whole week!!! So there you have it folks, I rest my case. Is that dedication or what? Wow, I can't believe she did all that to protect our sacred commitment to spend EVERY holiday together!
4. We achieved many of the same milestones together. Being only 30 days apart, we were pretty much potty trained together. Exhibit A- see the pic below!

5. We used to copy ourselves when we would say something funny and then the other one would make fun of the other by saying, "you copied yourself!" However, one time, I copied myself and Cassie's proceeded to make fun of me for it. She ended up copying herself by saying, "you copied, copied yourself! HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

6. We used to buy candy,wrap it up in wrapping paper and give it to ourselves. We didn't even give it to each other, we gave it to ourselves! One time, we went up to the store and bought 2 Caramello's each. We went home to watch the Brady Bunch. Well, Cassie really enjoyed hers and she had eaten both of them before I had finished one. So, naturally we got into a fight about the fact that Cassie thought I should share my last one with her because she ate hers too fast. Do you think I did? Of course not!!!

7. Cassie and I graduated high school with the same EXACT GPA. We then proceeded to attend the same university and share a dorm room together. Cassie decided to go to a different college the following semester and left me for Fargo. I was lost for that semester but she eventually convinced me to join her in Fargo and attend MSUM. She also convinced me to join the Social Work program and we ended up in a lot of the same classes together. We were also co-chairs of our Social Work club together, worked at the same job and even had the same client at that job. A few years later, we met our now husbands on the same weekend!

Well, I could go on and on! The point is...I would like to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my MOST-BEST friend in the whole world. Love you Cassie!

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