Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A spring in our step!

Leighton and I had a fun day today! We were really excited to have the warm weather (38 degrees) so we could go outside for our first walk of the spring. Praise the Lord-we have been waiting and waiting for this! Leighton didn't say a peep the whole time so I think he was

taking it all in. Maverick was extra excited as you can imagine! After our walk, we played in

the snow a little bit and let Leighton check it out. He had fun until his butt got cold!

We also had an exciting first today. Leighton pulled himself from sit to stand on our dining room chair! He did it two times and then practiced his new skill for a while. Tomorrow he will be 8 months old-it's amazing how fast the time flies! Here are a few pics from today....

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