Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A New Blog

Ok, I told you I was done over here and I am. I promise. But I just wanted you to know that I have a brand new blog over at Ordinary Superheros and I wanted you to be able to get to it!!! Yay! I'm so excited! It's going to be fun! See you over there!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sweet Little Thing {The Final Curtain}

This is it. {sniffle, sniffle}

Sweet Little Thing says goodbye. I have been dreading this post. Now before you start wailing and gnashing your teeth about this, please, please, just calm down. While this is going to be the last post on Sweet Little Thing, I do assure you that I will still be blogging. For sure.

 It will probably still be as sporadic as I have been this last year, but I assure you, the blogging will not die. I love blogging and sharing and photographing. It's an outlet. It, in a teensy tiny way, says what my heart is trying to say. About my children. My life. My role as a wife, a mom, a friend of Jesus, a friend of many, and sometimes I even pretend like I have an alter-ego as a gangster. 

My rationale for stopping this here little blog is really because I am moving on to bigger and better and and away from blogland. What does that really mean? A. I'm sick of blogger and it has recently been causing me headaches. B. I believe a new platform to be much better  C. I'm working on a new blog and going a slightly different direction on the blog. Of course you will still see these little lovelies now and then, and those good ole' "mom wiping butts in Walmart" stories won't be far behind. But there is even more on the horizon. And I'm excited!!! 

So, hang tight. There is a new blog to the rescue. It hopefully will be cooler, cuter, offer you more as a reader, i.e., not put you sleep, and it might even be a little more grammatically correct. Liz, if you read this blog....I know you hate me. I'm sorry!!!! I just don't have time for, like, English/writing/proper grammar and sometimes even spelling stuff.,  :(  But you know I totally love you girl!!!! 

Ok, enough about all this. I figured the last blog post should have something to do with the entire reason I started this blog. These boys. These little mini-superheroes, in the making. 

 photo DSC_4886_zpsee543b58.jpg

I can barely believe that this is my life. These three, their daddy and that crazy dog. Sometimes it's just too good to be true. Sometimes, I think I'm going to need to pinch myself. But wait just a minute, I don't have to because Beckett runs up behind me and pinches my leg. And BAM!, I'm snapped out of the euphoric state. And then Chase trips, hits his head on the wooden corner of something, really anything (he's super accident prone) and starts wailing.....and Leighton is curled up under a blanket playing Angry Birds. See, so it's really not all rosy and amazing Graceful parenting over in this hizzy. It's just real. And I love it. Even when I want cover my ears and hide in the dryer downstairs. It's TOTALLY, totally worth it.

So, I wanted to finish this off by doing a life update for each of my sweet baby superheroes.

Let's start with the biggest of the small ones.

 photo Untitled-1_zpsca1803c1.jpg

This boy. This once my first baby and now my big, mature, mini-version of my sweet husband. Sweet for sure could be the very BEST way to describe him. You could also say that he is quiet, very well thought out, he talks like he's 30 and he is totally in love with Angry Birds right now. He loves Jesus and know that when he is scared at his night he can just flick those scared thoughts out of his head and call on the God of angel armies. He knows that God goes before him and stands behind him. He can tell you that Jesus once said, "If they only knew.....they would ask me for Living water." (John 4:10).

He is just so smart. He is ready for Kindergarten, like last fall. We waited on Kindergarten since he had a summer birthday. We figured one more year of Preschool would be the right thing. We are certain that it was right for him in his self-esteem and social readiness. However, this boy is ready to get to the books. He loves reading but, I confess, I don't push that on him as much as I should. His favorite shows are the Turtles and Wildkrats. He is just waiting and waiting to be able to get outside and pull out his little four wheeler. He is starting to talk about it every day. He's a boy that loves being outside (do any of them not?) and I am excited to see where his imagination goes this spring and summer. He's already talking about getting a new bug gun for the summer. I imagine many a bug will be sucked up in that little bug gun vacuum contraption. Boys, boys, boys.

He is very good at drawing, coloring and writing words and his name. Today he wrote on the maker board "mom is spechul". Awwwwwwww. I'm trying to convince him to start doing book reports for me, but he has been evading me on that so far. His teachers have pulled me aside to inform me that he is VERY, VERY smart and quiet.  Today, we had his parent teachers conferences and he is doing awesome.  Overall, he is growing nicely in all areas. I'm not 100% sure on his growth stats as we haven't been to the doctor once during this school year. Praise the Lord for a healthy home and healthy boys! One thing I can tell you is he will be a bit on the short side. No shock on that one. The size of his heart makes up for it. :)

Next is Chase.

 photo DSC_5084_zps94d98ae8.jpg

It's hard to make a paragraph that would encapsulate all that this little guy is. His look says it all here. He is a boy of many, many silly and funny faces. He is such a charmer it's not even funny. Except it is. Chase entered preschool this year, following right behind his big brother. He turned 3 in July and he is on his way to a fast four. Meaning, he too, is growing too fast for his mom. He loves to change his clothes about 2-19 times per day. He fashions himself lots of layers, ties, vests and work shirts (like his dads). He loves playing superhero and running around rescuing April from TMNT. He, too, loves going outside and playing and getting into all sorts of mischief.

Chase brings a smile to faces with a flawless ease. Something just oozes out of him that makes the crankiest person smile. I don't know what it is. He, too, loves the Lord and knows where he comes from. He loves singing and talking about God and Jesus.

Physically he is developing well. Again, no need for a doctor visit all year but he looks good to me. He does seem awfully clumsy though and runs into things from time to time so we are going to have his eyes tested. Would he not be the cutest thing in the world with glasses?!!!! He is short, although he seems to be growing like a weed. Not exactly sure how, being that he isn 't the most diverse eater I have ever met. :)


Oh my baby!
 photo DSC_5095_zpsbce9684b.jpg

How did my baby turn into this? He is almost TWO!!! This is wrong! I swear yesterday I was nearly birthing him in our car!!!  Regardless of how all this fast growing nonsense happened, he certainly is equally as cute as his bigger brothers. He is still a bit of a snuggler.  I did say a "bit" of a snuggler. Not a ton, but really, when he wants to snuggle he is all in it.

I think the biggest shocker about this guy is how well he is talking. He is 22 months and we can't believe the long sentences that come from his mouth. Everyone that meets him or comes to visit us ends up making a comment about his vocabulary and phrasing.  One of our favorites phrases happened when Derrick's parents were visiting. They were sleeping on the spare bed in his room and he stood up in the middle of the night in his crib and said in a very matter of fact (maybe slightly bossy?) tone...."Grandma, take me to my mommy." And she did.

He sure knows what he wants these days. Other key phrases would be:
"no, i do it myself" (pretty much about anything)
"mommy....wahhhh....mommy, tase hit me. he go time out." (obviously, chase hitting him)
"no, no maverick, you go time out" (when maverick tries to take his food)
"mommy, where daddy go?" (when dad's at work)
this list is really endless.  oh who could forget
"mommy, me want watch mickey mouse" (clearly, i don't need to interpret these)

He loves mickey and his baby. He takes very good care of her, changing her diaper and even disciplining her.  He puts the baby in time out and regularly claims that the baby bites him. For which she goes to time out, per Beckett. He also brought her with us to Famous Daves and fed her his chicken tenders. Sweet guy. He sure gets into a lot A LOT of mischief these days. He's really into pushing the stools up to the counter and crawling up to do all sorts of shenanigans. Fun times. Fun times. I have also been impressed with his wrestling skills these days. He is sure holding his own. They all do pretty well together. The bigger boys know how to play gently with him and he loves rolling around and giggling. Of course, there are those other moments, too. Sometimes the fights aren't as adorable.


Well, this is it. I feel like it's time to cue the music now. Get out the kleenexes! The last few comments on my Sweet Little Thing blog have arrived. I have to admit, it's sad. To let her go. This little blog and I have been through some late nights together. We have laughed, we have cried, we have just stared blank at one another sometimes.......sometimes that's enough for a mom. For just a few moments.
(Am I really talking to my blog? Perhaps this really is the cue to shut this thing down!)

Just kidding! I love everything this blog represents and for that reason, I CANNOT wait to get my coffee table blog books. The printed memory of the first five years of our lives as parents. I'll tell and show you more about that on the NEW blog later. For now, I just know, I have captured something priceless here in the confines of this little domain.

The late nights, the diapers, the questions, the best, the worst, the boogers, the anniversary wishes, the breast milk stories, the Blazin Beckett mini-series, the Cupcake Caper, the trips, the songs, the Weekly Womb series, the intertwining of faith, the project 52, the healing of disease, the growing, the videos of counting and singing and bible verses and birthday wishes, the career changes, and the best career ever, the love of photography born, and babies and toddlers and preschoolers.

Well, gang, crew, wonderful, amazing blog reading friends and family and some of you I don't even know yet, blog readers. It has been an honor to share my heart in this way. Thank you for your support.

All my love,

Shannon Heick

Friday, February 15, 2013

Christmas 2013

I told you I would get this blog wrapped up and I'm going to do what I said. Sure, maybe I'm two months know the scoop here. If I do ever get a second to jump on the computer, usually some little baby bug in the house senses it like That and I got a call from my MIL who wanted to file a complaint to me that there is one very sad grandma and grandpa who really miss seeing their little guys on this blog regularly. Hee hee.

But, really, I do intend to wrap this year up and then finally, yes, FINALLY order some mack-daddy blog books.

So, onto Christmas and all the fun that was had.

This year was a marathon driving event. We took off the Friday before Christmas at 10pm. Yes, I did say 10 pm. Yes, we are crazy. And yes, we prefer a quiet car. And yes, I do procrastinate and was still out running around finishing up some last minute gifts. There.

Thank the good Lord the weather was fine and the roads were great and it was just a van full of sleeping baby superheroes and two parents who just like to hear each other talk once in while.

Before we left, and one of the reasons I was so behind on the last minute things before we left town, was that our biggest superhero was striken with "the fever". And this was my poor sweet boys disposition for 2 days straight. He is so sweet, hardly ever complaining, just laying suppine and trying to get better. Ok, so he did have this really annoying scream cry every time he coughed but I didn't say that. I'm his mother and I would never say such a thing. Except I do like to keep this a bit real. He's so dang sweet though, you just can't help but love him!

 photo IMG_7297_zpse2d28d2c.jpg

So, we arrived and I love window lights.

 photo DSC_4256_zps1f18c40d.jpg

We also found that the folks from the manger scene had gotten a little rowdy the previous night.

 photo IMG_7325_zps1609c181.jpg

Beckett took his job of taking care of Baby Beans very seriously.
 photo IMG_7312_zps3644e4be.jpg

Gift opening was a hoot as always.
 photo DSC_4252_zps2bf3ef5f.jpg

Maverick even partook.

 photo DSC_4229_zps05cc8b7c.jpg

And this is a bit of departure but this photo was one of my favorites from the year of Instagram.
 photo IMG_7327_zps4d1682bf.jpg

Then it was off to round two of celebrating the wonderful Christmas season with my family.

After a little bit of good ole fashion tundra-style driving........eeeeppp Derrick!
 photo IMG_7321_zpsb9122f6d.jpg

We made it safe and sound to my home sweet home.

 photo IMG_7330_zpsf4af9ed4.jpg

There is just something about the whole family being back together under one roof. Just can't explain it.
It's a good feeling.

The whole family together, surrounded by God's gift of a beautiful countryside.
 photo DSC_4655_zps575a3397.jpg

It's always fun so wake up to sweet nephews in their jammies.

 photo DSC_4267_zpsbc0150dd.jpg

And silly babies turning big boys.
 photo DSC_4288_zpsf1dd17d6.jpg

And grandpas taking time to color.....even before he gets his mornin shower in and hair combed.
 photo DSC_4284_zps20521f13.jpg

Brothers who give the best sled rides EVER!
 photo DSC_4390_zps4dcb8396.jpg

Yes, Sarah, Melissa and are seeing what you think you are seeing. The best lettermans jacket ever made!
 photo DSC_4392_zps6bf3e71c.jpg

Later, I had to take Lydia out to do some modeling. Snow modeling.

 photo DSC_4522_zps2361e4fd.jpg

 photo DSC_4541_zps075cd203.jpg

And for the full cheese ball factor, yes, we did do dorky jumping photos of me, too.

 photo DSC_4535_zpsa795d9f7.jpg

Aaron and Valerie. These two lovebirds. They don't get much more perfect for each other than this photo!
 photo DSC_4613_zpsa769db57.jpg

And because the camera was busted out, I had to insist that my small children stay out in the balmy 10degree temp just for 3 more seconds.

 photo DSC_4637_zps022db50c.jpg
It was worth it! I want to eat them all! I am THE luckiest person in this photo to get each of them.

Then it was time to come indoors, enjoy a bunch of delicious food and open some presents.
 photo DSC_4691_zpse20d06e8.jpg

This beautiful girl. She just has my heart.
 photo DSC_4707_zps64f799ba.jpg

Nothing like a Mickey lover getting his very own, self-sized Mickey. Look at that longing smile. Good job, Uncle Jason!
 photo DSC_4740_zpsb930fa78.jpg

 photo DSC_4770_zpsa85403a6.jpg

 photo DSC_4757_zps97f98384.jpg

And the BIG daddy of the family. I just love this man. Of course, he is saluting me. Of course.

 photo DSC_4789_zpse660390c.jpg

Just pure fun. I can't handle this photo.
 photo DSC_4312_zpsa6d86e92.jpg

Or this one. Snugs with Mickey. (he was actually sleeping)
 photo IMG_7360_zpsd9a5b0c0.jpg

And heading home on Christmas Day eve. Pretty nice.
 photo IMG_7365_zpsc17c3a76.jpg

We are blessed with family. We are blessed with love. We are blessed by Love, who is Jesus.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Santas Village 2012

The yearly Santa's Village trip. These pretty ladies hauled us around on a sleigh ride.

 photo DSC_3649_zpsd4963c99.jpg

Writing our letters to Santa.

 photo DSC_3652_zpsf815b578.jpg

Oh my heart. The way Chase draws a guy is just soooooooooooooo precious!

 photo DSC_3653_zps8c992582.jpg

This contemplative thinker is probably bequesting a bow and arrow.

 photo DSC_3658_zpsffc7cd35.jpg

Donating via a really gigantic toy train.

 photo DSC_3659_zps1d190223.jpg

This would be the point when Chase tells Santa that he wants rubber gloves for Christmas. Yes, he did.

 photo DSC_3666_zpsfebe65c1.jpg

My baby Boo doing his thing, just workin the frosting.

 photo DSC_3675_zps75e34e15.jpg

The sleepy reindeer.

 photo DSC_3678_zps2ca6b42e.jpg

The Daddy hauling 2/3 of his gang.

 photo DSC_3680_zpsfe3ea802.jpg

Yet another fun day in December, spent together, as a family. Blessings abound.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

{DIY} Toddler Science Experiments

On my way to wrapping up the last post for 2012 on the blog,  I happened upon a few fun events in December and decided I better add these in too. So here we go, this blog ain't over yet!

So, those of you that know me on here, know that I claim myself NOT to be a crafter/DIYer or anything even closely related. It's not something I am heavily skilled in. However, you also know that I am never one to not even try. So, that is what you find here. Me, a non-crafty/DIYer....just doing that which is trying. And I happen to think that, even though, my attemps NEVER EVER turn out perfect or anywhere near "Pintrest quality", we always end up having a blast together, we make some great memories and sometimes I really like what I/we make. Today's example brings us to a great little DIY sort-of science project for your toddlers.

So all you need to start first are willing toddlers. I happen to have three of those. Especially if I even make the slightest mention of water or explosions. I think they will always come running for those.

 photo DSC_3630_zpsdfe02120.jpg

Next, you will need a clear jar or vase. The clearer and cleaner, the better. Mine wasn't perfectly clear or free of spots as you can see at the top. But......ignore those little imperfections and just look for what the vase gives way to. In this case, the cutest three year old I've ever seen, with his face totally distorted. These are the things that make a heart smile.

 photo IMG_7093_zpsa5b078b6.jpg

From there, you just add water, oil, food coloring and whatever you sweet little momma or daddy heart has in your cupboards. Mix them, pour them, stir, them.....and if you are like me, photograph them.

 photo DSC_3585_zpsf9084f81.jpg

It was so fun watching them watch and learn and discover.
 photo DSC_3578_zps73880f91.jpg

The reactions of the experiements always, ALWAYS end up pale, in comparison to.....
 photo DSC_3595_zpse2bc8f57.jpg

Their reactions. The real reason you do this.
 photo DSC_3593_zps73cd458b.jpg
Their sweet, content, happy smiles.
 photo DSC_3599_zps94412dab.jpg

We are not sure if Beckett was having a good time?
 photo DSC_3610_zps4dc3efdf.jpg

It was so hard to tell if it was worth it to shed my "keep the kitchen clean" mentality or "what if I don't do this project perfect just like Pintrest" lie.......really hard to tell here if Beckett had fun? Or not!
 photo DSC_3608_zps0cbc139f.jpg

In the end, I think we might be able to guess that this little middle Superhero might even think that He  just mastered this project and grew that superhero bicep one size bigger......

 photo DSC_3620_zps589e59d1.jpg

But really what these projects might really do......

 photo DSC_3615_zps15f5cb57.jpg

Is grow their hearts a size bigger.

 photo DSC_3617_zpsceef79b9.jpg

Maybe for science. Maybe for their own self-esteem. And maybe for each other.

 photo DSC_3619_zps573511e6.jpg

It's amazing how a few seemingly un-related ingredients....oil and coloring and clean kitchen surfaces.....the perfect and the even they can work together, under the right conditions and explode with possibilies.

 photo IMG_7074_zpscfd61eb2.jpg